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are trying to find out which ones change and do not. This precious data will be analyzed further by ground s▓taff and will give a clearer picture of the subtle ch▓anges that occur in a gravity-free envi▓ronment. ` I would like to share an▓ interesting discovery: Normally, on Earth, w▓e only have one artery in (either side of) our necks. Bu▓t there are two in space. Earlier in the mission I misidentified the bloo

d vessel, bec▓ause the vein besides our artery becomes ▓thicker in space.There are many things that I had assumed b▓efore coming up here that have proven to be wrong. For example, I had imagined that I would have a

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thole, I just see part of Earth.Another discovery, for me▓, is my new-found almost super human strength, I can maneu▓ver heavy items much easier up here than on Earth.▓ For example, a very heavy piece of equipment on the Earth may need two or thre

e people to carry and install onto the wall of the capsule. But in space, by gently using one hand or two fingers, I can move ▓it as I wish. While I feel that my streng▓th has increased all of a sudden because of bei▓ng in space -- that is, sadly, not the case. In fact, it is the items that have lost weight. I ▓think that in space it would be easy to break all ▓sorts of weightlifting world records.I have only lived in space for less than a fortnight and I am still learning. I hope, my friends, to share all these new experienc▓es with you.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on Instagra▓

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tion of Human Rights in ChinaFull text: New Progress in the Judi▓cial Protection of Human Rights in China09-12-2016 14:33 BJTBEIJING, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- The State Council Inform▓ation Office of the People's Republic of China on Monday issued a

white paper on new progress in the judicial pr▓otection of human rights in China.Following is the full text of the document.New Progress in the Judicial Protection of Human Right▓s in ChinaThe State Council Information ▓Office of the People's Republic of ChinaJune 2016First Edition 2016ContentsForeword 1I. Strengthen t▓he Mechanism of Judicial Protection of Human Rights 3II. Further Improve the Legal Guarantee Procedure of Human Rights 11III. Enha▓nce Judicial Protection of Human Rights 19IV. Safeguard the Legitimate Rights and Interests of Detainees 28ForewordRespecting and protecting

human rights is a constitutional principle in China. It also

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pation in justice have been expanded, and the judicial protection of human rights has been

improved. China has implemente▓d a case-filing r

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s of le▓gality, in dubio pro reo, exclusion of▓ unlawful evidence. The state is resolute in preventing an▓d correcting miscarriages of justice, and the procedures f?/p>

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